Invitation to tender

Tender for the provision of development services, commissioning and ongoing maintenance of the integrated platform GAIA. Tender Amount: 480.000 €. The deadline for receipt of applications is 03.09.2013.


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GAIA Partners


Port Authority
of Bari

The port of Bari is located in the southeast of Italy and it is traditionally considered as the gateway that form Europe leads to the Balkan Peninsula and to the Middle East. It is a polyvalent harbor able to satisfy all operative needs.



The Polytechnic of Bari is an Italian public scientific-technological university founded in 1990 and it is the leading institution for engineering and architecture studies in South Italy. It is located mainly in Bari, but also in Foggia and Taranto.


The Port Authority of Igoumenitsa

Igoumenitsa Port Authority (OLIG S.A.) is a state owned company governed by public law. It's main activities include provision of services for ships, passengers, cargo and vehicles travelling on sea.


Institute of I.T. & Press "Diophantus" 

The Computer Technology Institute & Press “Diophantus”  (CTI) was founded as the “Computer Technology Institute” in 1985, with headquarters in the city of Patras, as a Non Profit Private Legal Entity


April 19: Interview with Silvia Godelli - Councilor of Apulia Region

Silvia GodelliThe Apulia Region Mediterranean Culture and Tourism Councilor, Sylvia Godelli, has highlighted, in her speech during the event of presentation of the GAIA project, the importance of the cooperation between countries that participate to the same development goals, in this case Italy (and in particular the Apulia Region) and Greece. 

Councilor Godelli has given particular attention and has evidenced positively the fact that GAIA will allow, though using few economic resources, to optimize the information, systemic and organization results regarding the computerization of the sea transport network.

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Silvia Godelli - Councilor of Apulia Region

April 19: Interview with Francesco Nerli - Chairman of Assoporti

nerliFrancesco Nerli, chairman of Assoporti, who participated at the event, made a positive contribution, defining the GAIA Project as a very important initiative that marks a significant and useful course undertaken by the Levante Port Authority since it regards non only the management of the port and the cooperation with Igoumenitsa, but also because it represents something useful for the whole Italian port system.

According to Nerli, GAIA helps to reflect on a fundamental aspect for Italian ports that is computerization, which allows to systematize and make operative all data and information. This is what in European terms is defined a Port Community System. Therefore, it is essential that such activities should be considered as an institutional duty for the Port Authorities and not a mere service made available to port companies and users

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Francesco Nerl - President of Assoporti